Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Real  Estate  Services

 The team  of Myriam4Property SL  helps you finding your dream property, shows and informs you about the different zones, about the advantages and disadvantages of every zone, the climate aso.

Once you decide buying we lead you to our collaborating lawyers (choice between Gisèle Van Meer(the Cotta Law) in Calypso Calahonda or Carlos Ramallo Lawyers in Málaga) They provide full task service  in 5 languages,  to be done when you  buy or sell a property,  rent it out, start a new business company, want a reliable and good accountant, insure your property

The lawyers provide all the following services:

  • Filling out and translate contracts of property reservation after controlling the legacy
  • Gathering all information concerning charges or outstanding debts related to your property
  • Preparing documents to be taken to the notary for the title deed
  • calculation and payment of any taxes due
  • registration of charge of ownership and rubbish collection at the town hall and cadastral office
  • application,  registration and  payment  of water, electricity
  •  NIE /NIF numbers, non residence certificates, first occupancy license
  •  Plus Valia
  •  Registration of the deeds at the Property Registration office.
  •  Verbal translations at any official instance or office in 5 languages.
  •  Annual obliged tax return for Finance ( accountant) (new law since 2013)
  •  Energy certificates.
  •  You give your lawyer power of eternity and they do all the tasks for you. You come back in your property having water and electricity connected. You do not have to worry about anything.
  • Every  money you transfer gets on the account of the lawyers which control everything before paying the seller. You are 100 % save and spare commissions of bank transferences, bank cheques, aso.